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Flax watching pheasant (photo: Linda Westron)


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Well like everyone else we have been fairly quiet over the last year or so. Dog shows have started up again and Faith delighted us by winning a further 2 Reserve Challenge Certificates. 
She is now taking some time out to raise her family. 



For obvious reasons 2020 and early 2021 put all dog shows on hold but delighted to say that since they restarted in July our team have been in the cards with our star being Faith who topped winning a strong Mid Limit class at Southern Pointer Championship show and then topped it with the RCC.

JULY 2019

FAITH (RAIGMORE WORTH THE WAIT) goes Best Puppy in Show at Southern Pointer Club Championship Show! 








Joy and Nectar win their classes and Buzz and Jute are both second in theirs ?


Joy wins Post Graduate Bitch and the RESERVE CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE?




Long haul down to Bournemouth where Jute wins Yearling and Buzz wins Mid Limit.

JULY 2018

In July we had a break until the end of the month when we travelled to Southern Pointer Club Championship Show where Jute was 3rd in Yearling and Buzz was 2nd in Mid Limit under Neville Thorpe. But the star was Nectar who won Puppy and Maiden bitch and was Best Puppy Bitch in Show under Jon Kean!

The following week at Leeds Joy wins Graduate Bitch under Jon Evans! Buzz is 3rd in Limit and and Nectar bounced her way to 4th in Puppy

JUNE 2018

Joy wins Junior Bitch at Southern Counties under judge Marion Waddell and is shortlisted for the CC! Buzz also wins Limit Dog and is shortlisted for the CC! Quite a day!

The following week, at Three Counties Joy wins Junior again under Elaine Newberry and is shortlisted for the CC again! On the same day she wins Junior at The Pointer Club Open Show. THIS GIVES JOY HER JUNIOR WARRANT! ?

To round off the month Buzz is 3rd in Limit Dog at Kelso under Ria Nelis 


MAY 2018

Nectar (Raigmore Pure Gold), at her very first General Championship Show wins Minor Puppy bitch at Birmingham National undrr Frank Kane.

APRIL 2018

Joy (Sharnphilly Escada at Raigmore) gets to the final of GBAS Top Scottish Gundog Puppy!

MARCH 2018

CRUFTS 2018 set the championship show year off to a good start! All three dogs shown Buzz, Jute and Joy were second in their respective classes with Jute beaten by the eventual Best Dog and considered for the Reserve CC. 

March continued to go well when Nectar made her debut at The Pointer Club of Scotland Open Show and delighted us by winning a big Minor Puppy class followed by Best Puppy Bitch at the tender age of 6 months. Jute was 2nd in his class, Joy won both her classes and Buzz won his and then went Best Dog. A great day!



Joy wins Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch at South Wales


Buzz and Cosette's puppies have been born! Check puppies for sale for more details.


Jute 2nd in Puppy Dog at National Gundog Association Championship Show

Buzz wins a lovely Limit Dog Class at Paignton Championship Show, Joy wins Minor Puppy Bitch and Jute was 2nd in Puppy Dog


Fantastic month for Jute wins Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Dog at East of England Championship show. This was topped by winning Puppy Dog, best Puppy in Breed and Gundog Puppy Group 4 at Darlington Championship Show. Then it was down to Southern Pointer Club Championship Show where he won Puppy and Maiden Dog.


Our new baby Joy (Sharnphilly Escada at Raigmore), daughter of Struan and Sh Ch Sharnphilly Juci Cuture JW, had a terrific start to her show career by winning a fantastic Minor Puppy Bitch class and Best Puppy Bitch at Blackpool Championship Show. Jute was 2nd in Puppy Dog.

Jute wins Puppy Dog at 3 Counties Championship Show


Buzz (Fydal Beeswing at Raigmore)wins BOB and then BEST IN SHOW at Gundog Breeds of Scotland Open Show!

Jute (Raigmore Beekeper) is 2nd in Puppy at SKC and 2nd in Minor Puppy at WELKS

He also win Pointer Puppy Dog and BPIB at Border Counties Gundog


Jute (Raigmore Beekeeper) wins Minor Puupy Dog at WELKS

Jute (Raigmore Beekeeeper) had a lovely start to his Championship Show career by winning Minor Puppy Dog as The Pointer Club Championship Show in Newark. His dad, Buzz (Fydal Beeswing at Raigmore) was 2nd in a lovely Mid Limit class too.


Buzz wins Best of Breed under Martin Falsey and BEST IN SHOW under Prof. David Brigden at Waverley Gundog Assoctaion

We have a new arrival! Joy (Sharnphilly Escada at Raigmore). Daughter of Raigmore Astronomer Royal and Sh Ch Sharnphilly Juici Cuture JW, the current breed record holder.



Buzz wins Best of Breed under breed specialist Matthew Oddie and Group 4 at Border Counties Gundog


Buzz wins the DCC and Reserve Best in Show at The Pointer Club of Scotland Championship Show under breed specialist Mrs Linda Wilson!


Buzz and Cosette's Puppies born! 5 boys and 4 girls


Buzz wins Yearling dog at East of England Championship Show


Buzz wins his class at Border Union Championship Show and is 2nd at Blackpool Championship Show


What a day at the Pointer Club of Scotland Open Show! Zest wins Best Bitch and Best in Show, Struan wins Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex and Buzz wins Reserve Best Dog. 


What a start to the year! At Manchester Championship Show Buzz won Junior Dog, Struan won Post Graduate Dog and the RDCC and Zest won Limit Bitch and the RBCC. So proud of them all!


Clyde, (Raigmore Cosmic Star), Struan's black & white brother,  owned in partnership with Emma Chisholm   has also become a father!


Just had news in that Struan is now a daddy to 9 bouncing babes!

Lovely day at Midland Counties Championship Show where Buzz wins Puppy Dog, Struan was 2nd in a strong Post Graduate Class and Zest wins a lovely Limit Class.

Donald wins Best Veteran in Show at the Pointer Club of Scotland Championship Show and Buzz wins Best Puppy Dog


The puppies have arrived! All 13 of them!

See our 'Puppies for Sale' page for more details!


Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show- Buzz wins MPD and BPD

July 2015

Zest wins the Reservce CC at Leeds Championship Show under breed specialist Ruth Francis

June 2015

Buzz (Fydal Beeswing at Raigmore) wins BPD and BPIB at his very first show  - Border Union Championship Show - aged just 6 months

MAY 2015

Struan wins the Reserve CC at Bath Championship Show aged just 20 montha.

Zest goes Best in Show at the Irish Pointer Club Championship Show for the 2nd time!

MARCH 2015

Donald goes BEST IN SHOW at the Pointer Club of Scotland Open Show under breed specialist Steve Mitchell!. Flax was Best Veteran and Reserve Best Bitch. Donald's niece, Anne Smith's Fydal Ave was Best Bitch.

CRUFTS : Donald was placed 2nd behind the eventual Best Dog at Crufts 2015. Flax was 2nd in her class and Struan Very Highly Commended in his - the largest Pointer class of the day..

Raigmore also welcomes Fydal Beeswing at Raigmore (Buzz). Bred by Anne Smith, he is a son of Donald's sister's daughter.

October 2014

Flax (Ch/Ir Ch Raigmore Let it Shine JW made her debut at Pointer Club of Scotland Championship Show and was Best Veteran in Show. At SWKA and GSOW she was BVIB both times.

September 2014

Zest won her 2nd Reserve CC at Belfast Championship Show.

Struan (Raigmore Astronomer Royal) was the star at Darlington Championship Show winning Best Puppy Dog, Best Puppy in Breed and was shortlisted to the last 6 in the Puppy Group.. 

July 2014

Well July started with a real bang at East of England Championship Show where at just 21 months, Zest won a fabulous Limit Class and took the Reserve CC. Struan had a nice 2nd in Puppy, his brother Clyde owned in partnership with Emma Chisholm was 4th and Avril Dodd's, Bailley (Raigmore Light up the Sky at Lyncarda) won a great Limit Dog class and pushed hard for higher honours. Certainly worth the trip!

June 2014

Zest wins a lovely Graduate class at Blackpool Championship Show.

Another win for Zest at Border Union Championship Show. 1st in Novice.

Great start to the month with Zest winning 1st in  Post Graduate bitch the largest bitch class of the day at 3 Counties Championship Show - Mr B Welham.


May 2014

This has been a fabulous month for Zest (Somerled Classic Romance at Raigmore). BEST IN SHOW IRISH POINTER CLUB CHAMPOINSHIP SHOW - Mrs J Organ

. 1st Yearling Border Counties Gundog Open Show - Ms J Eyeington

2nd Yearling Midland Counties Championship Show - Mr R Bott

2nd Yearling SKC Championship Show - Mrs J Miller

1st Yearling Gundog Breeds of Scotland Open Show - Mrs P Grime. 

Cosette (Raigmore Andromeda) won the puppy class here and Struan Raigmore Astronomer Royal won the Junior Class and BPIB.


March 2014



RAIGMORE ANDROMEDA (Cosette) BEST PUPPY IN SHOW POINTER CLUB OF SCOTLAND OPEN SHOW!!!. RAIGMORE ASTRONOMER ROYAL (Struan) won Minor Puppy Dog and his brother RAIGMORE COSMIC STAR (Clyde) owned in partnership with Emma Chisholm was 2nd.


Very proud to announce that Flax gained her Show Gundog Working Certificate at Reeth and is now a FULL Champion! Brains as well as beauty!

February 2014

Donald is Reserve Best Pointer at the SPC Pointer of the Year competition 2013.

November 2013

Flax wins Reserve CC at GBAS Ch Sh.

October 2013

Well what a month! Flax wins the Reserve CC at Pointer Club of Scotland and again at Midland Counties Championship Show. The star that day though was her son, Avril Dodds' Bailley (Raigmore Light up the Sky on Lyncarda) who won the Dog Challenge Certificate. Congratulations!

September 2013

Puppies have arrived safely! See 'Pups and Dogs for Sale' section for further details 

August 2013

Donald (Raigmore Dusk till Dawn JW) wins a strong Open Dog class at Paignton Championship show

July 2013

Fantastic day at Southern Pointer Club Championship show with Flax (Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Raigmore Let it Shine JW) winning the RBCC and her son Bailley (Avril Dodds and James Frame's Raigmore Light up the Sky for Lyncarda) winning a very good 2nd in his first Mid Limit class. However the star was Zest (Somerled Classic Romance at Raigmore) winning Best Puppy in Show!


Rosie (Raigmore Celtic Rose) has produced a lovely litter of 6 puppies to Charro (Lucaniae Charro - import Italy)! 

July 2013

Donald (Raigmore Dusk till Dawn JW CJW '09) wins Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate at East of England Championship Show under judge Helga Edmondson (Crookrise). This gives him 1 CC and 4 Res CC's.

May 2013 Flax (Show Champion & Irish Show Champion Raigmore Let it Shine JW CW'10) follows her fabulous Challenge Certificate win at Crufts 2013 by going Best in Show at the Hungarian Pointer Club Championship in May 2013 under judge Joan Huxley! The next day she won the Pointer Champion Bitch class at the World Dog Show in Budapest & the Reserve CACIB uner Pepe Haro! Quite a weekend.






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